Upholding a holiday tradition

Saks Fifth Avenue's Holiday Windows are one of the world's great branding opportunities. They're the most recognizable symbol of Saks, drawing thousands of visitors from around the world every day during the holiday season.
For years, I've had the privilege of crafting the storylines for these iconic spectacles. In 2015, I created the Winter Wonders of the World, like the Icy Eiffel Tower, the Frosted Taj Mahal an the Great Brrrier Reef.
And in 2014, as the store was celebrating its New York heritage, I imagined each of the holiday windows as classic fairy tales...each with a modern New York twist:
Once upon a time in New York
Cinderella fell madly in love—with a pair of designer shoes
Once upon a time in New York
Red Riding Hood gasped: Oh my, what a big suite you have
Once upon a time in New York
Rumplestiltskin was the most feared spin class instructor in all the land
Once upon a time in New York
The maidens who lunch wanted to know,
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, who does your hair?
Once upon a time in New York
Sleeping Beauty had trouble adapting to the city that never sleeps
Once upon a time in New York
Snow White asked: 
Vendor, vendor, on the street
What's the safest thing to eat?
The windows were a big success—viewers were lined up around the block to see them, and the windows won a 2014 Clio Award.
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